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Big Health Actuarial Data

A Fine Scale

We made it to this month's edition of TheActuary magazine, please see pages 24-27 of magazine -

Big Health, Big Data, Big Impact

We made it to this month's edition of the Actuary magazine, please see page 6 of magazine -

Opinion of Jules Constantinou (IFoA President) on our programme

Jules Constantinou (IFoA President) discusses our programme and workshop -

Shock statin news

Sunday express hears about our research

Can a Machine Predict Your Death?

We are on Slate news /machines_ are_getting_better_at_predicting_when_patients_will_die.html

Beta blockers offer best chance of increased survival following a heart attack.

Our latest paper on survival prospects after acute myocardial infarction made the clinical news in the journal, please see attachment. Reference: Gitsels LA, Kulinskaya E, Steel N (2017) ...